Escape from Arkham

Escape from Arkham was a live Batman inspired art show that was put on by me & several other extremely talented Mid-South Artist. Each of us worked in different mediums, so each of our pieces brought refreshing different takes on the characters & concepts.

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Ch-02 batgirlposter1_image

Ch-03 batgirlposter4_web

Ch-04 batgirlposter5_web

Ch-13 robinposter1-web

Ch-14 robin_turnaround_02-copy

Ch-08 catwomanposter_web

Ch-07 catwomanposter_1st_web

Ch-06 catwoman4th_web

Ch-16b 33

Ch-18 jokerdoll-web

Ch-17 littlequinnposter2_web

Ch-16 littlequinnposter3-web

Project Details:

  • Models – Maya.
  • Textures – Photoshop.
  • Render Engine – MentalRay