About Tony Brown & GDR

Anthony “Tony” Brown is a 3d computer graphic (CG) artist & game designer with both the passion & the experience of not only working, but being a leader in the 3d/CG industry. With over a decade of combined professional experience in 3d modeling, texturing, animation, print, game design, game development, level design, and management.

Tony has been involved leading & forming 3d/ Game development departments as well as animated short films, Architectural visualizations, 3d retail and display design, pc and mobile games, billboards, signs, banners, posters, websites, magazines, and much much more. He has also proficient in creating photo realistic or stylized 3d environments & characters models, textures, inverse kinematic & motion capture rigs, and lighting for complex photo realistic or stylized scenes inside 3d space. “ 3d & graphics isn’t just my job, it’s also my hobby.” says Tony Brown. “I spend most of my free time learning new techniques & software, creating 3d environments & scenes, working on my programing skills, or just researching & looking at materials to learn more & improve my skills.”   Tony was first exposed to 3d computer animation at the early age of 12 working in an early version of Lightwave in a summer program at the local art collage, the Memphis Collage of Arts. In 2003 Tony created Genesis, a 5 minute action pact fully voice acted animated short, that won several local & one national award for film production. Tony later graduated from Savannah collage of Art & design, a collage named as one of the top 3 animation/art schools in North America by 3D World magazine.

With a major in 3d Art & a minor in graphic design, throughout his professional career spanning over a decade,  Tony has worked with government, federal, & military organizations in order to use games not only as a form of entertainment, but a source of learning.

Game Developers Republic

Beginning as a passion project, the Game developers Republic was created to provide free training & educational material to people looking to get into, or learn about game development & 3d art. We upload high quality, professionally produced videos twice a week, as well as give free talks, panels, & workshops.

The game developers republic wasn’t created to be a business, but a community, a collective of professionals & veterans that are willing to share there time, knowledge, & work in order to help other developers, artist, & designers avoid many of the mistakes, failures, & lessons we had to learn the hard way throughout our careers. It is our censers hope that the knowledge we pass along can help those that are looking to get in the game industry, develop independent games, or just looking to bring there dream to reality, find at least some nugget of information that helps them in them someway in the future or the present.

Getting Started – How video games are made

Playing video games is a popular pastime for people of all ages. So it’s easy to think video games are no more than simply electronic toys, and can be made with a few clicks of a mouse. But in reality, getting a game in the hands of consumers often times is a very long and tedious journey, that can take years from start to finish.

So how do they do it, how are games really developed?

Whether your looking to create a small indie game, a mobile game, or work with a big AAA game studio, the basic sequence of creating a game will [...]